Journal From International Conference at Netherland

Journal From International Conference at Netherland

Our enemy sometimes come from our own house, family and society. Some insecurity feelings and ridiculous jealousy make people agitate another whose actuality should be protected and loved.

I was craving to 2 seniors for sample of paper&prop since 4 years ago. They travel a lot for conference and short course etc. But they have not give me sample,not even a little bit some clue. Allah has another plan. Suddenly I go to this conference, surprising them

Gusti Allah Nggak kurang Cara. Subhanallah alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar.

Prof Franz greets me near univ hall stairs early morning. How's your sleep last night? Actually i rather nervous for this morning presentation. It's oke. Everybody also nervous. Just enjoy it. He gives big smile. Between coffee break after opening ceremony, he asks me again

How's now? Still nervous? He is with two ladies who are participants of the conference. Not anymore, I start to enjoy everything. Thank you. His big smile appears again. Then he lets me to greet the guests. Thanks for coming. More crowd, merrier

Coz foreigner's face similar, I occasionally greet people with wrong name. Confusing between Prof Nic - convenor from USA with Flo - paper presenter from Aussie. Sorry, I am not Prof Nic, I am Flo. it happen twice Prof Nic himself kindly take pict of me n Ning when we arrived

There are 6 panels. -Globalization n reality between respect tradition n living in -manifestation of middle path -identification of middle path -ethical behavior within financial factor -science tech, environmental exploitation -promoting moderation n understanding women's role

Like usual,some panels run pararel. Coz I am panel 6,that hold in the noon pararelly with panel 4&5, I attend panel 1 so I can also observe how panel n discussion run. Until the committee shout on the door,is there any panelis 6 here? I raise my finger

Prof martijn- the convenor panel 1-stare at me. Wogh the other panelis attend my panel, he exclaimed in surprise. Actually the panel 1 presentation has over, but discussion halfway to finish. I obliged to leave permit Guess what?Prof Martijn then attend back my panel

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