The Important Of Critical thinking

 The Important Of Critical thinking


Pria, Anak Laki Laki, Wajah, Melihat

Critical thinking

Thinking out of the box but with flow in logic

Objectivity If we have meaning from our experience Logical reflection, creative and divergent thinking, using minds multiple capacities,intelegences Solving any problems uniquely Proses to analyze, interpretation

From the book of Bassam : “Critical thinking is disciplined thinking governed by clear intellectual standards. Among the most important of these intellectual standards are clarity, precision, accuracy, relevance, consistency, logical, correctness, completeness, and fairness.

Element of critical thinking: Recognition of pattern n how to use it Logical fallacy What is relevant Preconception, bias, values, way Ambiguity Many ways to solve problem There is purpose Process of gaining, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating info

Some people think the more they write, the better. It is not. Don't waste by putting irrelevant info Train ourselves with what relevant and what is not Skripsi Pak Habibie only 55 pages We must make boundaries Breakthrought concepts Weapon: tools argumentation

Character critiçal thinkers Can approach new things with proper logic Find out other's experience, perspective Has creativity, many diff ways to create hypotesis,approach problem, answer question Use critical thinking daily Make assumption clear,recognize their cause,consequence

Benefits of critical thinking Better understanding Pondation for better decision making Seeing in holistic way Solve problem comprehensively Select and curate well Better though process Achieve objectively Filter information Correct/not, benefit/not

Benefits of critical thinking: Promotion of social justice Peaceful society Avoid being manipulated by others Avoid manipulating others Able to give context to others Able to give context to experiences

manipulating point is depend on the person but agree with the point:avoid being manipulated by others avoid being manipulated by others and not to manipulate others will also secure us from bein in the two extreme: trapped into unfettered individualism or suffocating collectivism

all commercial ads' languages and scenes are designed to influence the audiences to buy their products. Choosing the word manipulating seems so harsh to me as a diction

what's difference between manipulating and influencing? are ads aired on tv to influence or manipulate? Maybe the word of manipulate itself is tend to negativity. how about switching the words into Influencing


Debat. Pro vs cons omnibus law can be a big threat to the Indigenous community, since this new policy make it easier for the company to get permit using the land and forest.

While the indigenous community have to work hard to get recognition of their 'hutan adat' or customary forest. the cases of land grabbing or land dispute can increase

Omnibus law has an advantage for the village. Indonesia can build siliconvillage and create an employee in village

Roleplay pro najwa 1. Indonesia is a democratic country 2. It has been implemented in other countries

3. Najwa is just raising the most of Indonesians' people questions regarding the existence or roles of Pak Terawan.

4. The case should be directed to KPI, not to Police Department

5. The case and the contents are not clash to the KPI Regulation 6. The case limits people's right to speak up

Exercise critical thinking Mention data,literature,opinion of experts in television industry, govt or stake holders long hand of controlling the media anything could happen. they meet in a coffee shop after that that show ended Justice is beauty in the eye of the beholder