Insight Dari Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference

Insight Dari Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference

 Selagi berlangsungnya Ubud Writer And Reader Festival di Ubud Bali, rupanya di Philadelphia juga sedang berlangsung Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference.

Berikut Ini beberapa insight-nya:

You have to goals as a writer. Where do you want to be with your writing in 1 year, 5 years? @Bob_Mayer

"Tell your story as true as you can" - Desiree Zamorano

"I know that I write because I love so much read." @heathergraham

"There is no single static women's point of view" - @MargaretAtwood

"The character behind the story is in a state of Lack, of which he may not be totally aware" @DavidCorbett_CA

"Learn the craft then break the rules." @Bob_Mayer

Instead of "write what you know," try "write what you WANT to know" @robinnelee

When writing characters of color, "understand that we are not a monolith; we are specific people..." (1/2) @robinnelee

"We have incredible cultural amnesia" - Desiree Zamorano

... Stories can resonate with anyone, regardless of who writes them. @RachelHowzell

Which categories have I not recognized?" - Desiree Zamorano

How do you know when to break scene? A change in location, POV, time, or space. @Jordanrosenfeld

"On the first page we need to see WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHY should we care" - April Eberhardt

In the typical hero's journey, the mentor doesn't have to be typical or a physical person @wdavisliterary

Give your character a dilemma that truly clashes with their beliefs and values. @wdavisliterary

Hero's Journey: Set the stage by showing your character's emotional wound @wdavisliterary

Agents (and Hollywood) want characters who change and are driven @wdavisliterary

Biggest reasons manuscripts are rejected @wdavisliterary

Regardless of the genre, the key to a good book is the characters. @bob_mayer

Try interviewing your setting like you might your characters. Is it benevolent, ambivalent, or malevolently? @SusanMeissner

Figure out how the emotion feels physically for this character so you can show (not tell) it. @swlittlefield

How your characters feel about the setting is how your readers will feel about the setting @SusanMeissner

The more you can withhold about your villain, the scarier he will be @DavidCorbett_CA

The unreliable narrator is used to unsettle the reader @helgasc

In first-person narration, always show over tell. Using dialog can help “show” the reader. @helgaschier

A morally tainted hero must address their psychological flaw. @david

In mystery and crime, which are hero-driven, you find selfless heroes with a moral code @davidcorbett_

Be immediate and visceral! @LizandLisa

How to layer more meaning and impact into your characters @LizandLisa

Human instinct controls not just how we write a story but how we consume it." @storyfix

"[In dialogue], ellipsis is for trailing off, em-dash is for interruption." @jamesscottbell

Add layers and resonance by creating both internal and external stakes for secondary characters @LizandLisa

Tie your stakes to the character. We can't care about someone who isn't real to us. @LizandLisa

Exquisitely drawn characters with no challenges or goals lie flat on the page @LizandLisa

Break every other rule of storytelling, says @LizandLisa





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