Respect Partnership

Respect Partnership

Beberapa waktu lalu sebuah konferensi diselenggarakan. Dan beberapa insight di dalamnya, mungkin bisa kita ambil sebagai pelajaran.

Here they are:

"Critical thinking is not something many people in the community are running around with" - denneywilson

the key to any successful team is communication

You have to ask people their story. Then you have to listen

Renew partnership. Resist attacks on our values. Persist in the face of challenges. #RespectPartnership @AEnghouse

improvement- management can't do it alone #respectpartnership

I don't need to reinvent the wheel, I just need to keep it rolling

Partnership is beating the odds

partnership is where workers have a voice in how care is delivered. 

partnership is how we operate our business

It does take more time. It is more work. But partnership is worth it

partnership unleashes creativity, engagement of #workforce to fuel improvement.  

I love working here because we’re always improving & making positive improvements in our dept." -Sadao

Partnership is the future,

A marriage between someone from Wyoming and someone from New York. Well, that's one way to look at our partnership.

Keren-keren ya, dan insya Allah bermanfaat. 
Mari kita praktikkan! 


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