Dian Nafi: Literacy, Education, Media

Dian Nafi: Literacy, Education, Media

dian nafi

 field/research interests

Dian Nafi: Literacy, Education, Media


S1 Architecture Universitas Diponegoro

S2 School of Government Public Policy

project management, organization

2022 Hasfa Institute Web Design Manager Mapped the design and wrote the content of the Hasfa group website

2022 Darul Hadlonah Secretary 

Managed the transition of Inside Indonesia from a print magazine into an online magazine

Managed the uploading and formatting of articles; trained volunteers to assist with these tasks.

2021 Arrahmah Secretary

Organised and facilitated a 2-hour seminar about using the online medium as a way of writing about and representing Southeast Asia

2021 Culture Festival Performance Representative

Organised and facilitated a post-graduate forum at the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference 2010.

2015-20 Collaborative Writings Curator

Promoted and organized the conference.

Managed a committee and a team of volunteers to assist with the conference.

2018-20 Writing Workshops Coordinator

Organised, promoted and facilitated Writing Workshop

language skills




university teaching


o  Hasfa Institute (vocation) about the literacy movements and collaboration.

o  Brawijaya University (graduate) about architecture preservation

o  SGPP (postgraduate) about sustainability leadership

o  Diponegoro University (Honours) about architecture heritage

o  Udemy (coursework) about digital marketing, copy writing, book writing

·         Coordinated and taught Poem Writing (graduate). This course included 12 two hour lectures, each of which applied a different theory and practices at Provincial Language Institute.



·         Facilitated a two-hour workshop at Udemy Those workshops are about editing, blog to book, blog writing, publishing, short story writing, novel writing, creative writing.


·         Coordinated and taught Architecture Writing (postgraduate).at Mulawarman University

·         Taught at Gramedia Academy about digital marketing.

·         Convened Social Activism in Literacy at Hasfa Institute.

·         Facilitated workshop at Udemy about essay writing, memoir biography writing, writerpreneurship, life reset coaching.


·         Guest lectured into the following:

o  Writerpreneurship (graduates) at UNNES State University Semarang

o  Fiction Writing (undergraduate) at Pradita Dirgantara

o  Writing Skils and Fieldwork at Gramedia Academy

o  Creative Writing at Sultan Fattah University


·         Fasilitatated Digital Marketing (coursework) at GapuraDigital by Google

·         Guest lectured into

o Literacy for Humanity at UIN Walisongo


·         Tutored for Creative Writing  (graduate) at UPGRIS PGRI University

·         Facilitated workshop about womenpreneurship at WomenWill by Google


·         Taught about Essay Writing at Sultan Agung University

·         Taught about Writerpreneurship at Berbagi Academy

·         Taught about Productive Writing at IAIN Walisongo University


·         Taught about sociopreneurship at Nurse Academy Medan

·         Guset Lectured at Diponegoro University about digitalpreneurship


·         Taught about creative writing at Boarding Institute Purwokerto


·         Taught about Review Writing at Stikubank Semarang

·         Taught about transforming academic writing into popular book at University Muria Kudus


·         Taught about aspiring writers at Walisongo University

·         Taught about nonfiction writing at Sultan Agung University

honours, awards

2022 Scholarship FFA; 2022 Monash Herb Conference Australia; 2021 PostGraduate Bursary Conference Asian Studies Association of Australia; 2021 Scholarship FFBS UK-Ind Tech; 2021 Best presentation at ICOSHI; 2020 Scholarship SGPP; 2019 Paper Presentation International Conference Radboud University; 2018 Finalist Fellow TEMPO on Investigation Journalism; 2017 Literacy Appreciation from Bupati Demak; 2016 Short list favorite fiction cover GoodRead Indonesia Readers; 2015 3rd winner Bulan Narasi Plotpoint; 2014 4th winner Grasindo; 2013 1st winner Grasindo; 2013 Short List favorite LMCR ROHTO; 2012 Selected for Workshop KOMPAS; 2012 Short List Favorite GoodRead Indonesia Readers; 2011 Selected for Workshop PBA & KPK; 2011 Short List Favorite LMCR ROHTO 

other publications: Profile at media coverage

Analisa Medan (2011) Buku Profil Perempuan Pengarang dan Penulis Indonesia (KosaKataKita, 2012) Jawa Pos-Radar Semarang (2013) Alinea TV (2014) Koran Sindo (2014) Tribun Jateng (2015) Nakita (2016) Wawasan (2017).TVKU (2018) kabareSemarang (2019) lingkarluar (2020) RSKW (2021) TVNU (2022)

conferences, presentations

Academic Conferences

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul, 2021, best presenter at International Conference  On Sustainable Halal Industry (Icoshi), UIN Walisongo Semarang

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2019. Women Poverty and Radicalism, 19 June, The 2nd Biennale International Converence, at Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherland.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2020. Books and Discussion Hybrid Space for Creative City, November, The 20th Sustainable, Environment and Architecture, Bandung

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Community Reading Space for Resilient City, September, at Eurasia Business Economic Society, Poland.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Learning Space by Literary Activist, September, at The 4th International Conference on Teaching, Learning,Education, Zurich.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Paradox Approach of People Development for Human Resilience, October, at The 4th International Conference of Strategic and Global Study, UI Jakarta.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Learning Space Models of Literacy Communities, October, at Asian Universities Alliances.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Literacy Schools by Volunteer for Resilient Citizen, November, at  Women Asia Conference La Trobe University, Australia.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Society-based Reading Space for Resilient Community, October, at Indonesia Focus.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2020. Pre-Marriage Education Digitalization, November, at  IAIN Kudus.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Collaboration of Online Learning Platform for Resilience, September, at Asian Conference on Education, Tokyo.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Grebeg Besar and Syawalan for International Tourism of Demak, October, at The 2nd International Conference on Social and Political Development Issues

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Paradox Mode for Resilience, October, at  Barcelona Conference on Arts, Media & Culture, Spain.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Paradox Strategy for Community Engagement, July, at  Southeast Asia Conference on Media, Cinema and Art, UGM Jogjakarta.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Literacy Festival for Text Workers Resilient, October, at the 37th EBES Conference-Berlin, Germany.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Hybrid Cultural Festivals of Demak for Halal International Tourism, October, at The 1ST International Conference On Sustainable Halal Industry, Semarang.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2022. Hybrid Paradox Approach for Depolarization and Deradicalization, January, at Star Scholars Conference, India.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2020. Alhikam Religious Book Insight for Resilience Mindset     , January, at Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy, Tokyo.  

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Society-Based Reading Space For Resilient City, September, at Siceto, Palembang.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2022. Women Empowerment At Demak Coastal Region. May. At 24th biennial conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Australia.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2022. Collaboration of Literacy Communities For Creative City, at AIFIS -Michigan State University, America.

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul, 2022. Influencing Factor of Women Ulama Succesfulness, Mubadalah PostGraduate Forum, Semarang

Refereed Journal Articles

Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul. 2021. Demak Coastal Conflict Resolution, at        Jurnal Kolaborasi Resolusi Konflik Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), Bandung.

 Awaliyah, Dian Nafiatul (2022) "ROLE OF WOMEN FOR ECONOMIC RESILIENCE," Jurnal Pembangunan Manusia: Vol. 3: No. 1, Article 8. DOI: 10.7454/jpm.v3i1.1025

 Awaliyah, D.N. (2021). Books and Discussion Hybrid Space for Creative City. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, vol. 738 - 012050 the 20th Sustainable, Environment and Architecture 10 November 2020, Indonesia. https://doi.org/10.1088/1755-1315/738/1/012050


seminars, presentations

books & book chapters

60 books and 200 antology published by 17 publishers in Indonesia 








Email : diannafihasfa@gmail.com


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