DIGITAL & HYBRID: Research Roadmap Dian Nafi

DIGITAL & HYBRID: Research Roadmap Dian Nafi

 DIGITAL & HYBRID: Research Roadmap Dian Nafi

Books and Discussion Hybrid Space for Creative City

Pre-Marriage Education Digitalization

Hybrid Paradox Approach for Depolarization and Deradicalization

Hybrid Cultural Festivals of Demak for Halal International Tourism

Hybrid Learning Space by Literary Activist

Hybrid Learning Space Models of Literacy Communities

Hybrid Paradox Strategy for Community Engagement

Hybrid Grebeg Besar and Syawalan for International Tourism of Demak

Hybrid Paradox Mode for Resilience

Hybrid Paradox Approach of People Development for Human Resilience

Collaboration of Online Learning Platform for Resilience

Digital Media Shaping Religious Expression and Tolerance Within Societies