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Terbitan Hasfa Publisher di Amazon

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by Dian Nafi and Artgus F
Mayasmara, proves that today's reality is the reality of the media, and that is the virtual universe whose existence is without primodial boundaries and strikes the dimensions of space and time. Limits become relative, perception becomes image-reality. While feeling will get its existence space too? Though that sense has so far gotten a comfortable position and developed as a person's deepest essence. Is Mayana Astari, the eldest daughter of three sisters who are all women, from families who feel their social position as a respectable family. Mayana is a submissive girl who grew up in compliance with Eastern culture who has been educated and socialized in the global arena. Then East and West, North and South become vague in their existence and role. As the successor of the family, whether he is aware or not, has become so obedient to almost all provisions of the family, as a great and noble institution, he wants to be worshiped for all time by each generation. Family decisions have become words that cannot be refuted. When she became an adult, Mayana was determined by her family. There is no energy at all revolt. As if everything really is. Pematakudaan all views and aspirations, so far has happened in the family centuries ago. Thus the story of the elders of the family, has been insinuated into the subconscious mind of Mayana. When counting the days leading up to her marriage, Mayana is stuck in the social media social media interaction, which for many months has become a part of her personal and social life. The subject that had been connected all this time had sprinkled something that made him gasped. This confusion stung the entire existence of humanity, and gave a new discourse that made him shake. Admiration? It's not just that, even though it has laid down so many newness that should not be broken. The newness comes alive and turns on a power, a truly explosive power, perhaps like the might of Krakatoa in ancient times. Stunned? Not really, although in itself there is so much energy that synergizes about the future view of the roles of subjects and social that are almost without limit horizon.Mayana weak, not weak. Even mighty. Even in this war, Mayana's sense of self suddenly germinated. Every living thing is brought to life by the Almighty. Is that taste too? Mayana does not care, this is the attitude that began to color it. Even though since childhood he was taught to always whiten him, then taking care is the attitude that unites him. Mayana has made a shift. The belief in the existence of his role that is far broader than just the boundaries of the family melted. Meana redefined what had been the will of his will, He did it not for destruction, but the dialectics of reinterpretation as the majesty of humans bestowed the mind and power facilitated by technology. Shift after shift changes the degree of contact. And has been considered a rebellion. This emphasis on burning renewable energy in Mayana. He exploded, three days before his marriage he declared null. Meana stated, not fight. Even more charming. Who is the subject of connectivity with Mayana, which has made her shift and continue to shift? What kind of mantra has he delivered, so that the deepest sense has been successfully released and gives actual novelty in usability with such elasticity? Mayana is so melting, like water that fills every deepest pore and hollow. Even though he still has a surface that will always be flat in all media and conditions. Has Mayana succeeded in realizing the subject of the virtual world? Is virtual reality also a reality of feeling in someone? Or virtual reality is indeed its own dimension which is not reality of taste



What is more disturbing than curiosity.What hurts more than feeling betrayed after giving trust.What is more awaited except the reciprocation of love that has been fully given and requires at least acceptance.He who came from a modest family, felt impressed with his pride when the professor's family brought up his background. Even though Sarva was handsome and smart, he was nobody if not the professor's family who had raised his rank.He tried to find honor for himself by releasing the shadow of his in-laws. He went to Aceh, also to Ambon. Devote yourself as an army doctor in an area that is full of disputed crosses. His wife and child in Jakarta occasionally visited.In Aceh and Ambon, Sarvatraesa was involved in love with another woman. Davina is inflamed and hopes that if Sarva wants to remarry, she is willing to share but only with Mayana. Because Davina knows Mayanalah Sarvatraesa's first love. Which consumes all the man's taste so that there is nothing left for anyone, except adventures.Did Mayana accept this crazy request?



by Dian Nafi
Radindra (17 years old) is an innocent Solo guy, laden / sinoman activist, has a crush on Ayla (19), her new neighbor who is smart, scientific, who likes to travel and is rather material. But this love is hindered by the age of the girl who is older than the boy, the blessing of his grandmother Ayla, Ayla's mother. Also Ayla herself who actually turned out to be a girl who really likes to spread charm, adventurous love and broken heart.


by Dian Nafi
Start from a happy ending
Before awakening the memory of the most wounded

by Dian Nafi
YOU STILL REMEMBER WHAT COLOR OF MY EYES WAS THAT? If I honestly still remember how the color of your eyes. Sparkle. Twinkle. Like there are thousands of stars radiating from the depths of your eyes. And your thick eyebrows, half-opened lips. Your thunderous laughter. Who is not in love with your existence and warmth? Maybe I am someone who easily falls in love. But you are clearly a heart stealer. At least a thief of my heart.


by Dian Nafi
Do I lose your respect after I love you back?
Nude photo?
"How come I sent a nude photo like that, what does that mean?" May hissed inwardly. As usual. Since he and Raho had a big fight a semester ago and almost destroyed their relationship, May chose to think again whenever he would get angry.