About Dian Nafi

About Dian Nafi

Dian Nafi, Graduated from S1 Architecture Technic Diponegoro University. Love travelling and writing fiction, non-fiction about pesantren, women, parenting, entrepreneurship, personal growth and people development. Coach and Trainer at Gramedia Academy, Mentor at Kampus Fiksi, Tutor Women Will by Google, Public Speaker at more than 50 cities in Indonesia. Author 28 books, 86 anthology of 17 Indonesian publishers. Blogger www.dian-nafi.comwww.writravelicious.comwww.hybridwriterpreneur.com. Journalist www.demagz.web.id. CEO Hasfa Camp & Publishing www.hasfa.co.id.
Her profile has been loaded at Harian Analisa Medan (2011) Buku Profil Perempuan
Pengarang dan Penulis Indonesia (KosaKataKita, 2012) Jawa Pos-Radar
Semarang (2013) Alinea TV (2014) Koran Sindo (2014) Tribun Jateng
(2015) Nakita (2016) TVKU (2018)
Favorite Winner LMCR ROHTO 2011 and 2013. Selected Author writing workshop KPK 2011, Selected Author writing workshop Kompas 2012,
Nominee Favorite Non-Fiction Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia 2012. PSA Awardee
2013. Bulan Narasi Awardee 2014. PSA Awardee 2014.  Nominee Favorite Fiction Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia 2016. Awardee Literary Appreciation from Bupati 2017. Winner of Lomba Balai Bahasa Jawa Tengah 2018. Finalist Fellowship IBT Tempo 2018. Selected Paper Presenter on International Conference at Radboud University Netherland 2019
Active on many writing communities, blogger communities and other communities. Head of Research and Development Fatayat NU Demak; Research and Development CodingMum Bekraf (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif); Head of Organization Division GOW (Gabungan Organisasi Wanita) Demak, Head of Sastra Committe DKD (Dewan Kesenian Daerah) Demak. Secretary KBIH Muslimat NU Demak.

Having conservative orthodox life hood at pesantren, but also getting modern influence at her architecture campus

life, make Dian Nafi become paradox on her writings. Spiritual but also revolt simultaneously. Her 28 books and 86 anthologies which published by 17 publishing in Indonesia bring her giving speech at more of 50 cities and hundred occasions. Active at research & development of Indonesia's largest Religious institutions, she shout and act for women Empowerment. She actuate many literacy activities and Conduct many literacy communities. She just presented her paper on International Conference at Radboud University Netherlands.