Tips Menulis Memoir (6)

Tips Menulis Memoir (6)

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what’s your hook?

“I grew up on a farm and milked a cranky cow”
“I survived cancer by eating pecan pies”
“I went to Tibet to study Buddhism”
These are  “so what?” stories. They aren’t interesting because they lack a hook.
How do I know
 if I have a hook?

There has to be a purpose, a DIRECTION to your story. That is your hook.

Where are you going with your story? 
What’s your point? 
Is this a story with no road map? 
If so, how are you going to know when you’ve reached your destination? 
And if you do, will anyone care?

Contoh: “Going to Tibet to study Buddhism was less about spiritual awakening than it was in my relentless pursuit to get laid.”

True crime?
Travel essay?
Family issues?

Have a Message
Readers are looking for a story that makes us think long after they’ve finished the book, makes us care, so you want to consider whether your story makes an impact. 
And the way to do that is to have a message. I love a good memoir that forces me to look inward, to look at my own life with a different perspective.

Hook: “Stick with me, kid, I’ll show you the world!”
Category: Travel essay
Message: True happiness is how you handle life when it spills its guts in your lap.

Be yourself, speak freely, and think small


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